The Door Into Summer, Robert A. Heinlein, 1957

Episode002_The_Door_Into_Summer_Robert_A_Heinlein                     This time-travel story combines engineering, a love triangle and one very intelligent cat. It’s one of the so-called Juveniles that Robert A. Heinlein wrote in the 1950’s.

0:25 Summary
2:50 Review (spoilers)

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Glenn understands how to use the technology and business sides of the Internet to acquire clients. By reconciling these two areas, he is able to run successful lead generation programs for B2B companies. He is also a hockey dad and a self-confessed sci-fi/technology geek.
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One Response to The Door Into Summer, Robert A. Heinlein, 1957

  1. chimeradave says:

    When I read it, I couldn’t get past the idea of who Davis falls in love with considering that I didn’t feel like he’d ever really met her. I’d say more, but since you don’t spoil things in your review I don’t want to spoil them here in the comments.

    But here is a link to my review of the book for those of you that have already read the book and know what I’m referring to.


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