Rocket Ship Galileo, Robert A. Heinlein, 1947

Rocket Ship Galileo

Three high school students who share a passion about space are visited by a man who can help them actually go to outer space. Through their wits, some available rocket hardware and teamwork, they build their dream ship for going to the moon. Of course, something awaits them on the moon that they could never have dreamed of.
0:15 Summary
7:00 Review (spoilers)

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Glenn understands how to use the technology and business sides of the Internet to acquire clients. By reconciling these two areas, he is able to run successful lead generation programs for B2B companies. He is also a hockey dad and a self-confessed sci-fi/technology geek.
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2 Responses to Rocket Ship Galileo, Robert A. Heinlein, 1947

  1. John G. says:

    Thanks for including when the review begins. I confess, I skip to the review if I haven’t read the book.

    • heyglenns says:

      Thanks John. I got the idea from a conference I just attended –
      I’ll slowly introduce other tweaks into the podcast that help the two audiences I’m reaching. There are those who listen to see if the book is worth reading and there are those who’ve read the book and want to compare their appraisal of the book with others. I TRULY want to receive feedback that can help the podcast with either of these crowds, so shoot me any ideas that you’ve come up with. Thanks!

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