About Me

I began seriously reading Science Fiction over 25 years ago. I am a fan of most of the SFWA Grandmasters and have tried to read as much of their work as possible. I have nothing against modern science fiction, I just always went for the Golden Age authors, for reasons I only understand now that I’m an adult.  When I was young I pretty much read anything that had a speculative or futuristic angle to it. The problem is that as an adult, I don’t have as much time to read. And so I need to be more selective. My friends on the Yahoo Classic SF Group – and several podcasts I listen to give very helpful advice and reviews on books. This podcast is my attempt to return the favor.

As for who I am, I run a marketing firm that services high-tech companies. I am married to a school teacher, have three children and several dogs and cats. I grew up in Toronto and now live in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa. My interests include politics, helping out in the local community, spirituality and Greek/Roman civilization. People say they find me interesting; which may be true and maybe not. I don’t care as long as they see what I’m interested in and possibly come to share those interests. For me, that’s what this is all about.

Glenn SchmelzleGlenn Schmelzle

heyglenns [at symbol] hotmail [period] com


P.S. To leave an audio comment about any of the podcasts, simply skype me (let me know if I’ve got permission to air it)


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