First Time Visitor

Here’s a list of what you can expect on this podcast.
Credit: Flickr user dare darlington– I will respect your time by keeping the posts as short as possible.
– I will give a brief summary of each book. I’ll give a summary and usually an excerpt, followed by a review with some spoilers. I’ll mark this all in the shownotes so you know where they are.
– I will score every book I review.
Here’s what I won’t do:
– I won’t give highbrow literary reviews.
– I won’t presume you have read the book.
– I won’t post reviews too frequently (i.e. weekly) because that’s work, not fun.
– I won’t ask you for money. If you like the podcast, tell a friend.

Here is how I score how well these books are doing in their ‘afterlife’:

5 stars – “a classic for all time” – a true classic for today’s & future readers
4 stars – “will live on for some time” – still gripping; will likely continue to live on
3 stars – “classic in the past” – worth reading, but not sure the future will be kind to it
2 stars – “No afterlife as a classic” – hasn’t held up over time, read only for nostalgia
1 star – “Dead awful” this book’s nowhere close to rating as classic. Don’t read it