The Visitors, Clifford Simak, 1979

“The Visitors” begins with a large black rectangular object descending in smalltown America. What follows is an insightful story about how aliens…and we…view things.

0:35 Summary
8:25 Review (spoilers)
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The Naked Sun, Isaac Asimov, 1956

This is a murder mystery where an Earthman is sent to the planet Solaria with his trusty sidekick android to solve the crime. Because it’s Asimov, the Three Laws of Robotics play a central role in the book.

0:25 Summary
5:00 Review (spoilers)
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The Door Into Summer, Robert A. Heinlein, 1957

Episode002_The_Door_Into_Summer_Robert_A_Heinlein                     This time-travel story combines engineering, a love triangle and one very intelligent cat. It’s one of the so-called Juveniles that Robert A. Heinlein wrote in the 1950’s.

0:25 Summary
2:50 Review (spoilers)
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The Dragon Masters, Jack Vance, 1962

The Dragon Masters is a novella that carries themes of feudal society, humans domesticating fantastic creatures and a tinge of the cosmic with an alternate reality.

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2:45 Review (spoilers)
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