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The Mote in God’s Eye, Niven & Pournelle, 1974

Episode_013_the_mote_in_Gods_eye.mp3   One of our imperial ships finds an alien civilization, the Moties, on the edge of explored space. It seems the two species can benefit from sharing their knowledge and colonizing amongst each other. But our first contact team … Continue reading

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Tunnel in the Sky, Robert A. Heinlein, 1955

Episode008_tunnel_in_the_sky_Robert_A_Heinlein 17 year old Rod Walker’s last high school course, Off-world Survival, has an exam in which he must survive in an unknown environment for a few days. Can he survive when it appears his lifeline home is gone? If … Continue reading

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Brain Wave, Poul Anderson, 1954

Episode007_Brain_Wave_Poul_Anderson A sudden rise in intelligence for all creatures on Earth results in a transfigured humanity reaching for the stars, leaving behind our earth to the less intelligent humans and animal lifeforms. Shownotes 0:25 Summary 5:15 Review (spoilers)   You … Continue reading

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The Visitors, Clifford Simak, 1979

Episode004_The_Visitors_Clifford_Simak “The Visitors” begins with a large black rectangular object descending in smalltown America. What follows is an insightful story about how aliens…and we…view things. Shownotes 0:35 Summary 8:25 Review (spoilers)

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The Naked Sun, Isaac Asimov, 1956

This is a murder mystery involving the Three Laws of Robotics. Continue reading

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